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Your Reputation
Your Pulse



Social Cardio helps you keep track of your online reputation by measuring your social pulse. Its main feature is the real-time monitoring of your online activity on a cardiograph, and comparing it to the benchmarks that are important for you. Social Cardio visually plots your social pulse on a timeline, by using a simple algorithm to calculate the score: a tweet, a Facebook like or an extra LinkedIn connection is always 1 point. This makes it easy to track your own pulse and compare it with other colleagues or companies you want to track.


  • Individual, group and company tracking of social pulse on main networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Setup of personal minimum and maximum social pulse targets 
  • Sharing of colleagues’ updates to your main social networks
  • Easy setup of group or company profiles and invitations to join the group
  • Tracking of other users, groups or companies and benchmarking of scores
  • In-group or in-company messaging 
  • Easy setup and tracking of challenges for individuals, groups or companies

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